Drawing from 14 years of local experience in horticulture and ecology, BrushBox offers a personalised on-site consultancy in your gardens.

Running for 60-120 minutes, home-visit consultations are ideal for anyone needing help to improve their outdoor areas.

During the consultation we will:

  • Identify plants in your garden and answer any questions about them
  • Provide detailed information on the best ways to have a great looking garden all year round
  • Suggest a range of plant choice options
  • Discuss designs, layout, and aesthetics, including hard landscaping
  • Suggest solutions for difficult areas (e.g. very shaded or beachside areas)
  • Assess the soils and pH requirements
  • Advise on pruning, plant removal, pests and diseases, fertilising, mulching and weed control
  • Discuss irrigation, rain water storage, and water efficiency
  • Suggest the best turf types and lawn care

Notes/sketches from the visit can be provided for future reference.

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